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Welcome To Rajasthan Woodcraft

Rajasthan Woodcraft is an online furniture shop specializing in handcrafted wooden furniture and decor from the vibrant Indian state of Rajasthan. Founded with the goal of bringing the beauty of traditional Indian craftsmanship to homes around the world, the shop features a wide selection of furniture, home decor, and accessories made by local artisans using time-honored techniques.

Each piece sold by Rajasthan Woodcraft is handmade from high-quality sheesham, mango, red wood, acacia and other hardwoods native to India. Skilled carpenters expertly carve intricate patterns and shapes into the wood, reflecting the rich architectural and artistic heritage of the region. From sturdy beds and storage cabinets to decorative trays, lamps, mirror frames and more, every item is a unique work of functional art.

In keeping with the traditions of India, the artisans employ techniques passed down through generations. Furniture is often adorned with delicate jali cutwork screens, inspired by the stone jali screens found on historic forts and palaces. Other common motifs include flowers, animals like elephants and camels, and geometric patterns. Each piece blends beauty, quality craftsmanship and functionality.

By providing an international online retail platform for local artisans to share their talents, Rajasthan Woodcraft aims to help preserve the area’s cultural heritage while also empowering the artisan community. Their collection offers those around the world a chance to bring a touch of royal, old-world Rajasthan into their homes.

Our Inhouse Unit Available in Mauritius and India.

Mauritius Showroom Details: Rajasthan Handloom House Ltd., Curepipe, Mauritius